Where to Live in Boston?

So you took the plunge and moved to Boston alone. Big decision. Huge.
But now comes the more important ruling: settling on which neighborhood to live in.
Is it about location or rent? Is it about how close to the T? Or you value more on safety?

Here is a complete guide to help you decide from four aspects:
Rent Trend, Locations of T Stations, Commute Time and Ways in all neigborhoods of Boston.

Boston Rent Trend from 2015-2017 (1-Bedroom Average Rent)

If you are considering to live in the smae apartment for long term, and budget is one of your major factors, check the latest three year average rent by neighborhoods in Boston.

Boston Neighborhoods Profile

Boston in general is a busy city. And parking Boston could be hard and expensive. Living closer to T-station might be a good choice! Are you wondering which neighborhood has more train station, or which neighborhood is more quiet? Check out the Boston neighborhood profile!